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Nordic Health is the fittest club in Helsinki

Nordic Health uses AI-Driven Exercise Devices that perfectly matches your personal goals.

We combine innovative AI technology with genuine attention to your personal needs. At Nordic Health, we are not just a healthcare provider we are your dedicated partner in your holistic well-being journey. These are our membership programs designed to fit your unique needs:

Prevention Membership: Invest in your future health with comprehensive assessments and preventive training with the help of a vitual assistant
Performance Membership: Achieve your goals with personal training plans, exclusive workshops and member perks.
Rehabilitation Services: Recover with expert physiotherapy services, personalized care plans and a supportive community.

The four Key Features of Nordic Health

Biomechanical Precision: Experience unparalleled accuracy in your workouts. DAVID AI Equipment leverages advanced biomechanical tracking to ensure each exercise is precisely tailored to your unique body mechanics, optimizing effectiveness and minimizing the risk of injury.

Adaptive Resistance: Elevate your workouts with adaptive resistance. The AI-driven system intelligently adjusts resistance levels in real-time, challenging your muscles and enhancing overall strength and endurance.

Personalized Progress Tracking: Say goodbye to generic fitness routines. DAVID AI Equipment customizes your workout plan based on real-time progress data, allowing you to witness your achievements and adjust goals as you evolve.

Virtual Coaching: Benefit from virtual coaching sessions guided by AI algorithms. Receive instant feedback on your form, performance, and areas for improvement, ensuring a safe and effective workout experience.

Our specialists

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360° Onboarding program powered by AI

The Nordic Health onboarding AI simulation consists of 3 steps (4 weeks) and is designed to assess your personal health status through various tests. The tests are used to create a training program based on your personal goals.

Step 1: measurements
Nordic Health has state-of-the-art equipment for taking measurements. We measure the mobility and isometric strength of various muscle groups through the innovative DAVID equipment, we measure body composition through the InBody equipment, and we test your balance through the David Balance measurement.

Step 2: personal training goals and training program 
Once we have analyzed the results of the measurements and visualized your personal goals, we put together a personal training program powered by AI.

Step 3: virtual guidance
The final step is that we work with a virtual coach to go through your personal treatment program so that you can carry out the treatment program independently.

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