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Revolutionize Your Fitness Journey with AI-Driven Devices

Welcome to the future of wellness at Nordic Health, where innovation meets personalized fitness through our state-of-the-art AI Exercise Devices. Powered by artificial intelligence, this cutting-edge technology redefines the way you approach prevention, rehabilitation, and performance optimization.

The four Key Features of Nordic Health

Biomechanical Precision: Experience unparalleled accuracy in your workouts. DAVID AI Equipment leverages advanced biomechanical tracking to ensure each exercise is precisely tailored to your unique body mechanics, optimizing effectiveness and minimizing the risk of injury.

Adaptive Resistance: Elevate your workouts with adaptive resistance. The AI-driven system intelligently adjusts resistance levels in real-time, challenging your muscles and enhancing overall strength and endurance.

Personalized Progress Tracking: Say goodbye to generic fitness routines. DAVID AI Equipment customizes your workout plan based on real-time progress data, allowing you to witness your achievements and adjust goals as you evolve.

Virtual Coaching: Benefit from virtual coaching sessions guided by AI algorithms. Receive instant feedback on your form, performance, and areas for improvement, ensuring a safe and effective workout experience.

AI-Driven Devices: Emphasizing Usability, Safety, and Effectiveness

The latest DAVID Medical-certified AI-Driven devices, featuring automatic weight selection, is renowned for its exceptional biomechanical precision, isolated movement capabilities, and the incorporation of a Natural Resistance Curve. Combined with the Nordic Design aesthetics, DAVID stands as the epitome of best-in-class Exercise Equipment.

Safety is Paramount

At DAVID, safety goes beyond the typical considerations in CE-certification. While most devices today meet safety standards, we prioritize safety by ensuring that training yields positive results for your body, free from negative effects such as strained muscles and hurting joints.

Efficiency Matters

Effectiveness remains a core objective in the equipment design. Within safety limitations, all exercises are designed to be as effective as possible. This dedication has driven our involvement in and initiation of research across various areas for a remarkable quarter of a century.

User-Friendly Experience

Our third objective revolves around providing a positive user experience with our technology. DAVID AI-devices are designed to be exceptionally user-friendly, empowering anyone to use it without external assistance once initial guidance and instructions are provided.

Experience the Difference

With DAVID AI-Driven devices, you gain access to an exceptional blend of usability, safety, and effectiveness. As pioneers in the industry, we continue to push boundaries and elevate the training experience, ensuring that each session with our devices is both enjoyable and beneficial. Discover the DAVID difference for yourself today.

The DAVID devices are classified as Electromechanical rehabilitation devices (Medical Class 1m) with measuring function (Directive 93/42/EEC).

Testing and measuring

With the AI-Driven Devices for the back, shoulder, hip and knee, various tests can be taken for mobility and isometric strength. The values of the test automatically enter the software. The results of the test are displayed in comprehensive reports against norm values. Based on the test results, training templates can be activated. The values are automatically calculated based on the test results.

  • Measure mobility and isometric strength measurement – Measure the strength and mobility
  • Analyze test results – evaluate test results and contrast them against norm values.
  • Select training templates – use test results and organize training sessions.
  • Compare test results – regular testing allows you to compare various test results.

”The virtual coach makes my workouts a lot more fun!”

History of an original Finnish product

DAVID was established in 1981 by Arno Parviainen. The early years involved intensive loading principle development and other biomechanical features. Collaboration was close with Professor Paavo Komi from the University of Jyväskylä. Science papers published several articles validating the variable loading principle integrated into all devices. In the mid-80s, DAVID’s focus started to shift to device-based exercise in rehabilitation. The first product in this area was for knee rehabilitation using sophisticated training and testing technology, including EMG. In the early 90s, DAVID introduced a revolutionary patented hip lock mechanism which allowed therapeutic exercises to be used for even the most severe back patients. The foundation of the David Spine Concept today is the comprehensive treatment program built around the technology. In 1999 Arno sold the company, but in 2008, an opportunity emerged to buy back the business, which Arno did with his son, Lauri, a medical doctor who had an IT company with projects in cloud computing. A series of development projects were initiated, and during the past 14 years, a cloud-based IT platform was introduced in 2010. All products were redesigned, including a completely new shoulder system. Today, DAVID has the world’s most advanced therapeutic exercise platform, but development continues in exciting new areas. DAVID Health Solution Ltd. is the world leader in rehabilitation solutions for musculoskeletal problems. Healthcare professionals in more than 40 countries (2023) are using DAVID Exercise Therapy Solution and have been able to help millions of patients with chronic and recurrent pain.

Word from the founder

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