Group training

Call and ask us about Group training at 020 759 7319.

Group training at Nordic Health

Do you need new motivation to practice? Do you have difficulty caring for your body or are you looking for exercise tips?

Join a group exercise session. Groups begin on the first Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday of each month, and last for four weeks. Registration is binding. Groups will be organized if there are at least 4 participants.

Register either by phone 020 759 7319 or by e-mail

Mobility and active recovery

The mobility and active recovery class focuses on all the areas we need in our daily lives; balance, muscle strength and mobility. The content of the lesson will be tailored to the wishes of the participants to maximize the benefits of the group. We do exercises with body weight holistically for every part of the body. Training takes place both standing and on the floor.

Call for more information on the session schedule.


20min Senior training

Want to develop muscle strength and balance? Do you miss the motivation brought by group training?

The much loved Senior training has returned from its pandemic hiatus. The themes of the sessions change monthly. The session takes into account the different challenges posed by aging. You can do your own exercise program either before or after the exercise, if you wish you can come to the training session for 20 minutes in the middle of your exercise program.

Come and work out!

Call for more information on the Senior training sessions.