Technology as part of rehabilitation

Movement as medicine

Movement is a very effective medicine, but like with all medicine, dosage is crucial. Too much medicine can cause negative side effects, while too little medicine is not effective.

The basis for effective and engaging therapeutic practice is the ability to quantify and control all variables. Training devices with optimal biomechanics enable efficient but gentle movement of the joints throughout the full range of movement. Real-time feedback from the EVE display terminal ensures compliance with the specified speed and range of motion.

Best in the world

The training devices are Finnish, designed and manufactured by David Health Solutions Oy. The devices use optimal biomechanics, are gentle on the joints but provide an impressive neuromuscular training effect. This effect is achieved by using the right joint and axis alignment and correct loading curves to target the right muscles while training. The comprehensive rehabilitation solution includes exercise equipment for the back & neck, shoulder, and hip & knee.


Effective Rehabilitation

The entire rehabilitation process is built around the EVE (eValuated Exercise) software. The repetitions, series, questionnaires, and individual movements of the exercise, as well as the measurement results, form an individualized treatment pathway. All training data is automatically stored in the cloud service and each workout and variable can be viewed separately at any time. This allows for an accurate report of the client’s rehabilitation progress to be generated for analysis.