Do you need help with back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain or neck pain? Are you looking for effective rehabilitation after surgery?

We specialise in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. Current treatment recommendations recommend structured exercise therapy as the first line of treatment for musculoskeletal problems. This means rehabilitation through active movement. ¹ Movement can be the best medicine to treat musculoskeletal problems but like with any medicine too much can be harmful while too little has no effect. In training, this means control of certain variables, such as the resistance and movement. The recovery process begins as the body’s metabolism and muscle support increases and pain decreases.

Our treatment can be obtained by receiving a referral from a doctor (KELA reimbursement) or by contacting our center directly (no KELA reimbursement).

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¹Babatunde, O. O., Jordan, J. L., Van der Windt, D. A., Hill, J. C., Foster, N. E., & Protheroe, J. (2017). Effective treatment options for musculoskeletal pain in primary care: A systematic overview of current evidence. PloS one, 12(6), e0178621.


Do you want to increase fitness and muscle strength 24/7? If you do not want to work out in a traditional gym and are looking for efficiency and safety without compromising on the end result, then the Nordic Health Center is the right place for you. Continuous exercise and strength training can prevent many injuries and illnesses.

According to current research, consistent exercise can prevent various injuries and diseases. Contact us and we will help you reach your goals. We will make you a customised training program according to your needs and goals.

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Group training at Nordic Health

Do you need new motivation to practice? Do you have difficulty caring for your body or are you looking for exercise tips?

Join our group training. Groups start on the first Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday of each month and last for four weeks. The exception is 15 minutes of 60+ senior training that are continuous groups. Registration is binding. Groups will be organized if there are at least 4 participants.

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Want to know the condition of your heart, respiratory, and cardiovascular system? Does your body feel unbalanced? Want to know if your training has paid off?

We perform bicycle ergometer tests, mobility measurements, and isometric strength measurements. Tests and measurements give you accurate information and a holistic view about the condition of your body. Measurements also help us develop an exercise program that is effective in order to serve your specific needs. If you wish, we can also test your balance and hand grip strength. All testing is performed by a licensed healthcare or fitness professional. Feel free to contact us by clicking here and we will tailor the measurement package that suits you!

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Functional lower limb test

In addition to anatomical structures and posture, a functional lower limb test looks closely at motion. Video recording is used here to help. The purpose is to analyze the activities that occur during movement (walking, running, jumping, squatting…) and to find the cause of the pain in the background. Video recording makes it possible to stop and slow down the movement, which enables a holistic as well as individual examination. Based on the research, physiotherapeutic measures (therapeutic training, manual treatment or activity-guiding taping) can be targeted to a potential cause of pain.

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Nutritional guidance

We get energy from nutrients that are carbohydrates, fats and proteins. When there is a balance between energy consumption and intake, the weight stays under control, everyday life is vigorous and there is enough energy for exercise. Weight management is very individual and challenging for many. Too often, our shopping bags are filled with many items. Making healthy choices requires both knowledge of one’s own consumption needs and the skill and self-control to make healthy choices.

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