Patient stories from Nordic Health

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“My pain prevented me from walking more than half a mile and I was no longer able to take care of my daily chores. After 4 months of training at Nordic Health, I regained mobility and strength in my back. I can now walk several kilometers without pain. Because of my painful scoliosis, my biggest mistake was not starting treatment therapy at Nordic Health earlier.”


“In October 2020, I had artificial joints placed in both knees. I started rehabilitation at Nordic Health two weeks after surgery. Five months after the operation, I will be able to downhill ski again. Thank you Sirkka, Laura and Hanna for your guidance and help. ”


“Participating in the balance study has committed me to doing balance exercise twice a week. My confidence in my own balance and body has improved with training. ”



“I was diagnosed with motor neuropathy. The start of my training seemed hopeless, but I didn’t want to give up. After three months of regular training, I realized I am regaining control over my muscles. The movements of the upper body felt easier to control and I was able to use the training equipment more effectively. Now I have been training regularly at the Nordic Health Center for over a year. Together with the physiotherapist, we have regularly updated my exercise program to ensure steady progress. With training at the NH clinic and new medication, I have gotten my life back and am hopeful about my future. ”


“I am Mikko, a 29-year-old firefighter. I have had problems with my lower back for many years. My masseuse recommended me to visit the Nordic Health clinic. I started rehabilitating my lower back at Nordic Health in October 2016. At first, I met an individual physiotherapist, at which point we created an individualized exercise program that I later began to implement on my own. Since then, I’ve been training at the center regularly because I’ve gotten my lower back in better shape. I can very warmly recommend Nordic Health to everyone! ”


“Positive and professional staff as well as great, easy to use equipment and great facilities. Suitable for everyone, even us seniors, who want to improve muscle condition and take better care of ourselves. The exercise program and equipment are personally tailored to take into account possible injuries and weaknesses.”


“NH is a great place! Five years of exercising at the clinic and more than 500 exercise sessions. Movement really is medicine. ”


“I’m Henna,  20 years old. I hurt my knee during a badminton tournament in 2018 and suffered from a torn ACL. Thankfully, I started rehabilitating my knee at Nordic Health. As I progressed through my rehabilitation program, I could feel my knee getting stronger and more flexible. It was also interesting to see my progress in the EVE reports. Seeing the range of motion and speed on the screen as I exercise, strongly convinced me that the training was safe yet effective for my injured knee. The rehabilitation went so well that I was able to go back to playing competitively.”


“The exercise equipment is not like in a regular gym. With these, I am not afraid of hurting myself or making the wrong movements. At this age, it is so important to focus on health and maintaining my strength and mobility.”


“My doctor recommended I begin physiotherapy at Nordic Health for my shoulder pain. Now I am completely pain-free, I am finally able to sleep and swim without any pain.”


“We go to the Nordic Center to stay fit. Because we are healthy, we can continue helping others.”

Sisters Eija-Riitta, Raija ja Arja


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