Sirkka Parviainen

Service Manager

Expert in health, nutrition, and exercise.

During my years of work and involvement in projects and research is various fields, I cannot help but marvel at how the brain and body can renew itself with just small, permanent lifestyle changes. My motto is that it is never too late to begin the path to change. Movement can slow the effects of aging and can strengthen the body. This motivates me in my work and encourages our clients.

Johanna Pentti


I am a positive and calm specialist in rehabilitation who pays attention to the overall situation of the client. I feel that movement, when properly dosed, is the best medicine and I try to apply movement to suit everyone. In addition, I strive to take into account other factors that affect life, such as mental well-being and the quality of sleep, recovery and nutrition.

With me, you will recover in a safe and encouraging atmosphere, towards the goals we set together, taking advantage of the latest research evidence. In physiotherapy, I focus on therapeutic training, which is supported by the use of manual therapy, such as joint mobilization and taping.

Hanna Lindberg

  • Trainer
  • Certified Massage Therapist

By combining massage with exercise, I am able to thoroughly take into account the needs and wishes of the client. As a trainer, I am positive and calm and emphasize the right technique when training. I want to create a supportive atmosphere for a new customer and motivate clients to take the best possible care of themselves.

Equipment to aid rehabilitation 

We operate as a showroom for medical device manufacturer David Health Solutions. Therapy equipment and EVE patient software are constantly being developed and based on that we provide feedback together with our customers. The devices can be found in medical and physiotherapy centers around the world.

We have equipment for back and neck support, as well as devices for knee, hip, and shoulder rehabilitation. For warming up and rehabilitation, we use two different bikes, an elliptical cross trainer, and a treadmill.

Read more about our devices here.