Neck tension

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What is neck tension?

The tension neck is the most common ailment of the neck-shoulder area. Up to 3 out of 10 Finns experience neck tension symptoms every month. Neck tension refers to a condition in which the muscles of the neck and shoulders are tense.

Typical symptoms in people with neck tension include muscle tension, muscle stiffness, and movement restrictions of the neck. Symptoms also include pain that feels from the neck area to the shoulders or sometimes even in the back of the head, a feeling of dizziness, and a slight feeling of numbness or tingling in the hands. It should be noted that strong pain radiation in the upper limb is not a typical symptom of neck tension.

How is neck tension treated?

Common neck tension treatments include maintaining mobility, improving muscle strength, relaxation exercises, and ergonomic exercises. Neck tension can also be temporarily relieved with acupuncture as well as massage or painkillers / pain creams.

Neck tension should also be treated prophylactically. This includes, for example, checking your night ergonomics (for example, the quality of your pillow and mattress), avoiding prolonged sitting, and checking your overall ergonomics.

Neck tension treatment at Nordic Health

At Nordic Health, treatment for neck tension begins with an assessment by a physiotherapist. After that, we proceed, depending on the symptoms, to targeted training. Our targeted training is tailored to each individual. We use both relaxation exercises and David Health Solutions’ training equipment to support the treatment, which allows us to target both strength and mobility training to the right problem areas.