Neck sprain injury or “whiplash”

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What is a neck sprain injury or “whiplash”?

Whiplash refers to an injury to the neck. This injury occurs when a sudden movement of the neck in either the forward, backward, or rotational direction. Examples of injuries include a car crash, an accident, or diving in shallow water. Injury to the soft tissues, bones or even nerves can cause further damage.

What are the symptoms of whiplash?

Common symptoms of whiplash include neck pain and limited movement. At worst, these two main symptoms can extend to the lumbar spine. Symptoms may also include dizziness, difficulty concentrating, clumsiness, ringing in the ears, vision problems, and difficulty swallowing.

Most injuries heal completely. The healing time varies depending on the extent of the injury, but can take several months to heal. Some also experience a so-called “prolonged neck injury”.

How can whiplash or a neck sprain injury be treated?

If you suspect you have whiplash, it is advisable to contact your doctor. Studies have shown that if no tissue damage is found, the return to normal daily life as soon as possible promotes healing. Pain can also be treated with NSAIDs as directed by your doctor.

At Nordic Health, treatment always starts with a physiotherapist’s examination. Depending on your symptoms and possible tissue damage, the therapy will be tailored to suit you. If no limiting factors have been identified in the examination, therapy begins with relaxation exercises as well as mobility training on neck-specific exercise equipment. With the help of the devices, we can practice all the movements of the neck. We can also closely monitor the progress of the range of motion at regular intervals with precise measurements. Depending on the symptoms, physiotherapy also includes manipulation as well as targeted treatment of the cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine and shoulder area.