Effective self-training

Do you want to increase fitness and muscle strength 24/7? If you do not want to work out in a traditional gym and are looking for efficiency and safety without compromising on the end result, then the Nordic Health Center is the right place for you. Continuous exercise and strength training can prevent many injuries and illnesses.


When you start your training, your background and goals will be mapped out.

Your starting levels can be measured in terms of endurance, mobility, and strength. Based on the measurements, an exercise program is made, specifically focusing on increasing the strength and mobility of the abdomen, shoulders, and legs. Training at our center is safe, easy, and effective. Smart training devices teach and guide you. The system ensures that the training progresses and the results of your measurements can be used to ensure the program goes in the right direction. And best of all, you can train whenever it suits you best – 24/7!


Additional Services

In addition to strength and mobility measurements, the Nordic Health Center offers bicycle ergometer tests to determine aerobic endurance, nutritional guidance, and massage services. Along with physiotherapy, we offer examinations of the lower body, running technique analysis, and kinesio taping. For sports clubs and companies, we organize Pilates courses, well-being at work events, and lectures as desired.

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