Knee replacement rehabilitation

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Rehabilitation for knee replacement

Arthroplasty of the knee is most often due to advanced osteoarthritis of the knee. In osteoarthritis, more cartilage is lost from the joint than is created in the farm. The surface of the articular cartilage breaks and a puncture can wear out, allowing the bones to rub against each other. As a result of irritation, the synovial membrane becomes irritated and begins to swell and stiffen. The body itself cannot repair damaged articular cartilage. The worn surface of the knee joint is removed. Artificial joint surfaces are placed in both the femur and tibia, which are attached with bone cement.

Knee rehabilitation begins even before the artificial joint surgery

Ideally, rehabilitation will begin before surgery. Good muscle condition of the lower extremities, especially the muscles that support the knee, has been shown to promote better recovery from surgery.

After the operation, the foot can usually be reserved at full weight. At first, it is advisable to use a walking aid, such as elbow crutches, to avoid limping. The surgical wound usually heals completely within 4-6 weeks, although the stitches are removed as early as a few weeks after surgery.

Postoperative rehabilitation begins immediately in the waking room. It is very important for the functionality of the knee to start walking and mobility exercises as soon as possible. In the beginning, the exercises are functional and aim to reduce swelling.

Rehabilitation of knee replacement surgery at Nordic Health

At Nordic Health, we would like to see knee rehabilitation begin before the surgery itself. With good muscle strength and functionality, you promote your own rehabilitation process after surgery. Once the operation is complete, you can continue exercise rehabilitation as soon as the stitches have been removed and the wound has healed.

In rehabilitation, we focus on increasing mobility and promoting muscle strength. As the rehabilitation progresses, we will also practice the larger knee movements needed in everyday life / leisure. Rehabilitation is performed with medical exercise equipment and with the help of manual techniques.